Monday, October 5, 2009

Good times in the 'Noog -OR- when Money married Ellen.

Phillip and I spent Saturday in Chattanooga. We ventured to the city on the river for a friend's wedding and had some good times, for sure. We attended the wedding of Jeremy and Ellen Money at the Convention Center. The ceremony was nice, and Ellen's dress was gorgeous. I really liked the style and the way part of it was gold. The train was nice, too!

Once we wished them well and sent them off, we all headed downtown to Market Street to spend some quality time at Deluxe. I liked Deluxe a lot. It reminded me of the downstairs of Sebastion's from many many years ago.

The night was really nice because we got a chance to visit with old friends that we rarely see and spouses or other friends that we're getting to know more and more. Some of the guys there this weekend are younger than me, thus from a different era at the Sigma Chi house, but we have mutual friends. We hope to see all of them more often now.

It was also nice because this was Phillip's first real opportunity to meet some of the guys that he's heard about for years. Well, only a few were there, really, Matt Hutton; Brian Nale (Anjeanetta's little bro) and Money, but still. Now he will truly know who I'm talking about when I refer back to silliness from college. There was a group of us that spent all of our time together back in the day, and we sorta grew up together. We were all great friends. These guys were part of that group, as were Missi, Kirby, Anjeaneatta, Mary Katherine, Flair, Patrick, Casey, Brackin, Alex Green, Bliss, Peanut, Stinky, Harper, Reed, Fuqua, Mickey, who am I forgetting?? I wish Patrick, a big part of the H127 puzzle, had traveled down for the weekend but alas, we'll catch him on his next trip. (H127 was our apartment number at Rosewood. It was three Chi Omegas who were also little sisters, and H127 served as the gathering place for a big group of people on a regular basis from 1997 to 1998.)

I know that when we're all old and gray, we'll still have each other as friends. We've all grown up to be good people, and we've created our own families that might one day get together for an Indian Summer road trip... and that sounds really nice to me. I also hope we get to have our very own 'Big Chill' one day, except nobody has to die to bring us all together for a weekend, but I digress.

Thanks for the memories, Money!

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Lindsay said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast!! Ohh how I miss Sebastian's.