Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Busy as a bee

Wow. We've been a busy little family lately! This past Wednesday, I took the girls to the CAC Duck Derby tagging party. They entertained themselves playing, mainly. At one point, though, I got super nervous when I couldn't see Miles anywhere. I was cleaning ducks when asked my friends to pardon me for a minute, as I couldn't see Miles. Lora (of The Lula Smith Collection fame) then pointed out to me that Miles was behind me at another table, amidst a group of adults, just cleaning those ducks like her life depended on it. I am so incredibly proud of the volunteer's heart that she already has! Speaking of Lora, she is a friend and an artist, so she's cool like that. She makes me laugh forever and her husband is real sweet and she loves Jesus but doesn't make a fuss if you drink a little, so I like her. Plus, she's super cute and has wicked style and class, so she makes me look good.

On Saturday, the girls and I took a little journey to the library and to Uncle Dave Macon Days. We enjoyed ourselves, except I could strangle the jerk that set up some inflatables and wanted $10 per kid to jump. Honestly, I don't think a festival should allow them if they are going to be so blatant about ripping people off. Why? Because it ruins the entire outing for the parents that have to listen to constant begging. Ahem. Parents such as me. Back to the subject of UDMD, I was sad to see that even though they were adamant about not allowing random people to invade the art area, they DID have Gutter Guard, Bath Fitter and several others like that. I am glad I did not do it this year. We came home, napped or rested and headed out to my parents' house for dinner.

We've had my niece, Brittany, and her boyfriend, Matt, in town from Louisiana this weekend, so we had dinner with them on Saturday! Lots of fun time sitting around talking and shopping at The Avenue's Ulta and being there when she got the call saying that she was hired for a position that she wanted! Great times. We're sad that they are going home tomorrow.

Tomorrow both of my girls go to the dentist for their cleanings! Pray for no cavities again this time!

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