Thursday, June 18, 2009

How Miles was injured OR Broken bones are cool to kids!

So much has happened in the past week. I haven't even thought about blogging about it all yet, but here I am tonight.

On Monday evening, the girls got restless around 4. Since Phillip wouldn't be home until 6, I decided to head over to the park with them. After all, we literally live within blocks of a fantastic block and my girls are at an age where I can watch them play without having to actually be on the equipment making sure that they don't fall and hurt themselves, right? Ha! Yeah, right!

We got there and set our things down and before anytime at all, Miles had befriended two little boys. They began to run wild on the playground and the grassy area just behind it. As the little group of new found friends ran back to the play area, Lola lagged behind. I yelled out to Miles to wait for Sissy. Then, in slow motion, I saw the whole thing.

She continued to run but looked over her left shoulder to check on Lo. Just as she looked forward again, she began to tumble. Feet left the ground, and her little body catapulted forward, coming down first on her right elbow and then on top of her forearm. She immediately started screaming in a piercing way. The boys' father asked if she was ok from across the playground, and I yelled back that I was about to find out and smiled.

When I got to her, she was screaming bloody murder that she needed to get home. Now any parent knows that a child asking to leave the playground must really be hurt. Her arm bent back and forth just fine, but I wondered if it might be really injured.

That night, she woke up crying in pain and it was far more swollen. I almost took her to the ER, but she calmed down and went to sleep. First thing Tuesday a.m., we made an appointment to see her pediatrician. Sure enough, her arm is broken! Even the smallest air cast, size xxs, was too big for her sweet little arm, so we have a partial cast and a fancy ace-type bandage over that.

She's hanging in there better than most adults, and hopefully, she will be done with this completely in less than three weeks. Please pray for my Milesy girl. This is her first real injury in life.


Lindsay said...

Poor Girl! Hope she makes a full recovery soon!

Casey said...

Bless her heart. Just trying to have a fun time. I hope I never have to experience what she did. I don't want any broken bones!

Broken bones remind me of some rainy night when Miles' momma, well, slipped and broke a bone. :)
OMG, why am I laughing out loud remembering that as I also visualize you falling down the stairs! I'm awful.