Friday, May 1, 2009

Funkin' out in every way

I like a plethora of old tunes. I even enjoy a good punk show in person, though I prefer something that makes you want to dance or some classic country. Give me some Vern Gosdin, some Alabama, some George Jones. Give me some Red Hot Chili Peppers, some Phish, some Police, some Conway Twitty. Of course, Casey would shoot me if I forgot to include Lorettie. Give me some classic Dolly, some Duran Duran, even give me some Metallica. Hit me up with some Jay-Z, some Dr. Dre, some Ice Cube, some Tupac. Just make sure there's some funk in there somewhere.

I don't know when my adoration of funk music began. Based on what I see in my children, perhaps I've always liked that deep-down desire to move my booty to the beats, horns and percussion of funk. Miles and Lola both openly 'wiggle' to the beat. Maybe I was the same way. I don't recall.

I do clearly remember just how much I loved "Fantastic Voyage" by Coolio in the spring of 1994. I've always loved Atomic Dog by George Clinton and Fame by David Bowie. I just love the funk. Phillip and I saw Parliament at 328 in 1999 and it was a phenomenal show, as expected. (Phillip has seen them five times.)

Now I wouldn't classify funk as my favorite genre...more like my favorite genre to funk out to, which seems pretty redundant. On the flip side, there is virtually nothing that can beat a live band with horns playing classic 60's hits like Mustang Sally and Stand by Me. Then again, most of these bands play a fair amount of funk in their setlists. Generally speaking, I'd have a hard time declaring a particular genre as my favorite.

I count Fleetwood Mac as part of my short list for the very best bands of all time. How could you ignore Gypsy, Landslide, Don't Stop, Silver Springs...just to name four hits for the band? Stevie Nicks even inspired the bridesmaids dresses for my wedding.

Furthermore, I do believe that Dan Fogelberg's Same Old Lang Syne is one of the greatest musical compositions in history. Go ahead. Laugh. That song gets to me. Every. Single. Time.

In regards to music and memories, well classic country wins that category, hands down. Nothing can take me straight back to childhood quicker than some of the country music that my mom or dad loved. Granted, certain songs from 80's pop and rock can do the trick, but 'This ain't my first rodeo' by the late, great Vern Gosdin, is pretty hard to beat.


Casey said...

Hey! Thanks for the Loretta Lynn shout out. She's a legend!

Anonymous said...

Why would one laugh at you liking Dan Fogelberg's music??!!! He was an extraordinarily gifted songwriter/singer/musician. If its the whole love ballad thing-Dan sure paid the price of being "tagged relentless" as ONLY a sugarsweet balladeer--but he was so, so much more than that!!! Have you listened to his music beyond "Leader Of the Band"?? Listen to the whole The Innocent Age album and you will find a superb masterpiece full of fabulous songs-most even BETTER than "Leader of the Band"!!! Long Live Dan's music-his legacy holds so much more than sweet ballads...

Dusty Brown said...

I am familiar with Dan Fogelberg's other music and I like Dan Fogelberg! However, a lot of people make fun of that particular song.

Angel said...

Right the funk on:) i could get up and dance to a number of those choices. gotta see "stevie" when they comes through nashville!