Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Tonight I played Bunco as a sub for my friend, Penny's, Savannah Ridge group. It was a lot of fun! I even got three Buncos! One nice thing is that it was literally about three minutes from home. That made it a lot easier to be there. I;ve played before, but it was further from home and I never got into the swing of it. Also, that group's play night contradicted with my Junior league meetings, so I had to drop out.


Karen said...

Hey Girl! I didn't know you had a blog! I am going to add you to my list so I can stalk you all the time! hehe! How is your jewelry business going...do you have an etsy shop??

hokhaps said...

I love love love Bunco! I also subbed for someone literally 3 minutes from me too..that is too weird. I want to start a group with my family once a month when we're home. As for now, we taught Jenson how to play. He loves it..so he, Kenny and I all play and then there's a "ghost" player. FUN!