Sunday, March 1, 2009

School bus safety

Hey, everybody! My family needs a big favor! This is composed by my sister, and I would appreciate it if you could help us out. Note where it points out that having older buses on the road won't save the money they believe it will, due to increased maintenance. I know that some people might say that this is a self serving purpose, but we need your help! I know you would prefer that the school buses carrying your precious cargo remain no older than currently allowed. Last year, the arugment was that all buses needed to add seat belts, but this year, they are saying they can be five years older and still on the road with no seatbelts. It doesn't make a lot of sense. By the way, I already sent an email to all the reps on the list and it took about three minutes.
Dusty Brown

The state legislature is voting Wednesday to extend the time a school bus can be driven to transport children from 15 years to 20 years. The primary reason for the bill is saving money. It is bad legislation because it means older, less safe buses with dirty diesel engines will stay on the road longer. Because of higher maintenance costs on these older buses, school systems won't save as much money as they are expecting to save by passing this bill.

I have listed some state representatives and two samples letters asking them not to vote for this bill. Will you please help us by sending one of the attached letters or something similar to the representatives' emails before Wednesday?

We really appreciate your help! Thanks so much!

Barker, Judy
Brown,Tommie F.
Dunn, Bill
Harwell, Beth
Hawk, David
Hensley, Joey
Jones, Ulysses, Jr.
Lollar, Ron
Maddox, Mark L.
Turner, Larry
Weaver, Terri Lynn
Winningham, Les

If you need help with what to say, here is a sample:

Dear Representative _____________ -

I am writing to ask that you not support the legislation that will be coming before your House Education Subcommittee next week. Currently there are 8 bills dealing with school bus life extension, and each of them in my opinion is bad legislation.
You are being asked to extend school bus life based on local government’s recent requests. At first glance this certainly seems to make sense that in tough economic times we search out possible ways to save money. However, upon further review of the facts this type of measure could have far reaching negative impacts.
If we allow this type legislation to occur we will be putting our children’s safety and health secondary to revenues. The State of Tennessee has enjoyed a wonderful pupil safety transportation record! Why would we allow poor planning at the local level to impact the safety of our children?
Please do not allow this legislation to pass in its current form.


Dear Representative _____________ ,

It has been brought to my attention that legislation will be coming before your House Education Subcommittee next week. This legislation attempts to extend school bus life from 15 to 20 years. Please know this legislation could have a negative impact on our school age children.
As you are aware, the local, state and national economies are in bad shape. However, this is not a reason to put the safety and health of our children in jeopardy. Extending school bus life from 15 to 20 years jeopardizes a good documented record of pupil transportation in the State of Tennessee.
Please do not allow this legislation to pass in its current form.

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