Friday, March 6, 2009

More time at the park

Today I took the girls to the park. We had some drama at first, because two little boys decided to be bullies. First the pushed Miles down and then they kept hitting her intentionally with a frisby. Finally, they blocked her into a tunnel slide and taunted her. I had to tell them to buzz off and they said I was mean. Later, we had a more postive time because the bullies left. It was a beautiful day and it was made even sweeter when baby Lola came running to me to report that she needed to use the bathroom. We rushed across the playground and she continued her new big girl talent of keeping her big girl panties clean and dry! I'm so proud of her.
My sunshine, Miles... growing up too fast.

Another one of Miles...

Lola had a ball ripping and roaring...not to mention the static electricity!

Lola was pooped out by the end of our visit!

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Scott Family said...

Was the mom's name Brandy... or Destiny?

Just kidding. Your babies are beautiful!