Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thankful, A to Z

Things I am thankful for:
  • Allyson, my oldest sister!
  • Betty, my mother!
  • Candles that genuinely smell like they are supposed to and Coca-Cola!
  • Daughters, since I'm the youngest of four girls and Dean for my daddy!
  • Erin, my sister also known as Dinky!
  • Felder, my maiden name, and Fuji for the fried rice!
  • Gin, my next to oldest sister, Ginger!
  • HP, for without them, I wouldn't have my laptop back!
  • Ice cream! Specifically Dairy Queen ice cream!
  • Jake and Josh, my nephews both celebrating birthdays this month!
  • Kneaded dough...since I LURV bread!
  • Lola, laughs and Louisiana!
  • Miles!
  • Nashville
  • Opryland memories!
  • Phillip! (My hubby)
  • Queer friends who make me laugh and bring back memories!
  • Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac, for the memories it brings me!
  • SatCo for the queso and chips!
  • Tongues, for without a tongue we could not speak (eloquently).
  • Uterus, for without one I wouldn't have my Lo-Lo or my Milesy!
  • Vogelers, for without them, my life would be almost void!
  • Weight Watchers, for helping me lose 24 lbs without effort after Miles was born! (*Note to self, get back on W.W.)
  • X-rays, for detecting my broken bones in '88 and '96.
  • Yoga for the skinny people that actually do it.
  • Zeigler's, for without them, I wouldn't have Aunt Mimi!


Liz said...

What happened to "I" ? :)

Dusty Brown: said...

Ha, Liz! I had to go back and ice cream! Thanks!