Sunday, December 28, 2008

I want to play a little game here.

OK, so let's assume that you woke up tomorrow, able to afford the things in life that you really want. I'm not talking about winning the lottery and buying a Ferrari. I'm talking about realistic things that you'd like to have should you gain some personal long term wealth. Things that are realistic purchases, though not necessarily affordable to you right now. I would love to see your own list posted on your blogs! Let me know if you do it!

*I want to add that I was extremely blessed with Christmas gifts, and this isn't any indication that I don't appreciate my blessings. This is just for fun.

Home/Neighborhood: I would buy or build a home that is at least 3500 square feet either on land in the Rockvale/Christiana/Barfield vicinity or in Innsbrooke, Rockvale Meadows or Berkshire. It would have to be a home with a functional front porch, a large covered patio and a fenced in back yard. I would have Phillip build a wooden fort/swing set for the kids, and add a trampoline.

Vehicle: I would want an SUV that could hold seven or eight people. Currently, I'm eyeing a Toyota Land Cruiser or a hybrid Yukon/Tahoe.

Business venture: I would open a business in Murfreesboro that offered cuisine/catering and coffee. My best friend, Mandy, would be my main employee, my boss in fact, running the show for a nice salary. I would find the most prime location and decorate it in a unique, appealing manner. I would also open another business in an ajoining space that served as a local art gallery, selling art, jewelry and locally designed clothing, similar to Magpie etc. in Nashville.

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