Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Just in case you're considering going off the pill, today I:
  • Had my head bashed in on the left area on my forehead three times within 10 minutes while I tried to settle Lo-Lo down for a nap.
  • Had my nose rammed (three times) so hard I thought it was going to be bloody while I tried to settle Lo-Lo down for a nap.
  • Had Lola dump a container of "grassy knoll" green paint all over the wood floor in our kitchen plus the freshly painted kitchen table (this is an old *possibly antique table*) my parents gave me.
  • Had Miles scream at me for telling her no when she wanted to hear yes.
  • Managed to complete voting AND Kroger.
  • Cleaned the kitchen and breakfast nook- BIG TIME!
  • Cooked tacos for dinner with two children clammering all over me.
  • Had a friend over to watch election coverage.
Disclaimer: I love my boo-boo's more than anything, even if they drive me batty most days.

1 comment:

Casey said...

Hilarious! To me at least since I didnt have to experience all this in person. :)