Monday, November 24, 2008

Here we go again...

Last night, I heard a loud car door outside of my house. We were waiting on a friend to come and get Olivia and Noah, who were playing Wii at our house, and I opened the front door to check it out. There stood a little beagle. Someone dumped a dog off in my neighborhood. She was clean and smelled good, though she looked like she hadn't been fed recently at all. She was most interested in water, too, which was really sad. Clearly she was a pet and they either couldn't feed her anymore or they just quit feeding her. She's been fixed, so she's at least six months old.

She's sweet and prefers to lay in Phillip's lap and sleep. She wasn't wild at all and didn't bark. We took care of her and she spent the night. The kids named her Ellie, and they love her. Clearly, Phillip adores her. I think she's sweet and like her, too. Our friends, Mandy and Neil, have a beagle named Jack, and this dog acts oddly similar to Jack. Slightly emo and trying to get into the trashcan but mild mannered otherwise. This morning when Phillip left for work, though, Ellie had a meltdown. She barked like a maniac, jumped all over everything and ran around constantly looking for him. What to do, what to do??????

If we find her a good home, then she'll go to a good home. If we don't, then I guess I am now the owner of a slightly emo beagle named Ellie.

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