Wednesday, October 22, 2008

That's secretary Miles, to you, thanks!

Today, I called my parents' house. Miles answered.
Miles: HELLOOOOO?!?! (very loud and exaggerated)
Me: Milesy?
Miles: Is that you, Momma?!?!
Me: Yes! It is! Are you having fun, baby?
Miles: I'm having a greeeeaaaat time!!
Me: Oh, good. Well I love you!
Miles: I love you, too, Momma!
Me: Can I talk to Mawmaw?
Miles: She's not in right now. (I am dead serious. She said that.)
Me: Oh. Well, okay. Where is she?
Miles: She's outside.
Me: Oh, okay. Well can you for me a really big favor?
Miles: SURE, Momma!!!!!
Me: Can you ask Mawmaw to call me when she comes inside?
Miles: Sure! {click.}

Later, my mom said Miles came right outside and said:

Miles: Mawmaw, I have really great news!!
Mawmaw: What is it, baby?
Miles: My mommy called and she wants you to call her back.

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