Friday, September 5, 2008

Wedding update

297 pictures later, I lived through the best wedding I've ever even attended, much less been an attendant in. I stood up for my best friend since elementary school, Mrs. Miranda Vogeler, as she married her very own urban cowboy, Neil.

The groom wore cowboy boots. The bride wore a handmade, professionally designed just for her, silk dress with a crystal and sterling silver hair piece on her extremely long veil.

The day was hot as hades, but the mood was quite chill.

I cried during the ceremony. I cried during the reception when certain songs were played. I cried before we left the wedding site. Apparently, I cried. A lot.

The food was outrageously delicious; the beef brisket was to die for. The menu of sweet cornbread, ham biscuits, roasted potatoes, mixed summer veggie salad and such was right up my alley. (I never got around to trying the cake.)

The dj kept spinning old tunes all night, with a few fun current hits mixed in, and everyone partied 'til the cows came home.
My babies at the reception...

Here, you have the bride when she first put her dress on in the affectionately named "porn shack" cabin that was rented for us to get ready in. The name came from the rather dated decor.

The groom, whoopin' it up in celebration towards the end of the night...

It was certainly a memorable weekend. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Vogeler!


Casey said...

Yes, congratulations indeed.

I just cant imagine you crying though, Dusty... just cant do it. It's so unlike you. :)

angel said...

It looks like it was a beautiful wedding. Congrats to your friends :)