Tuesday, September 9, 2008

MDO saga

OK. I might elaborate later, because I just don't have the energy right now, but we pulled Miles out of MDO at the Y today. Here is why:

  • We contacted the Y repeatedly this summer trying to get info about the start date for fall, etc., only to have none of our phone calls returned. Then one time I actually talked to someone who was totally rude and inappropriate to me. Finally last week we got the call back telling us that there would not be an open house but that MDO would start on September 9th. We were not impressed and hesitated to go through with it after the no communication thing; however, in the end, we decided to keep her where she has already established relationships.
  • When we arrived this morning, Phillip and I got a weird vibe that wasn't really all that welcoming and secure. Seriously, a woman seemed to chastise me for wanting a hug as if I were lingering too long when I wasn't. There weren’t any signs or balloons like last year. The employees seemed antsy or nervous and I became very worried that they would not be patient with Miles.
  • After we dropped our child off and were rushed out the door, THEN we had the bomb dropped on us that they increased their registration fee to $75 from $ 45 and their monthly rate from $140 to $180/month. $40 a month difference from last year and they didn't mention it at all until after I got my child settled in and left the actual classroom. Zilch. That is just shady. That meant that if I disagreed with the fee increase, I had to turn around, go back in there and tell my 4 year old to put down the toys and tell her friends goodbye. Give me a break.
  • When I went back to retrieve her at 2PM, two little boys from her class, both four years old, came out of the building as I came in. They ran out and began to play near the parking lot before an employee realized it and retrieved them. Hello. Run over. Hello. Abducted.
  • There were only 8 students signed up; only three were there, including Miles. Last year there were 24 students with an additional waiting list.
  • When I picked her up, I received a freehand drawing that she'd been working on when I left and one colored sheet with the letter A and an apple on it. No yearly calendar. No memo to parents about anything. Nothing.

At this point, I asked to talk to the director, asked for her sleep mat and told them that this wasn't going to work. So there you go. That's the story.


Casey said...

Parents know best...

Ang said...

I second what Casey says.

That's some scary stuff.