Saturday, September 20, 2008

Making fools of ourselves

Tonight we decided to recreate The Grind in our backyard. Remember when Eric from The Real World was the host??? But seriously, we busted out Phil's homemade CD, 'Raptastic Volume 1', and busted out some moves that our booties haven't executed since maybe 1998, probably 2001 at the max. That's 'cause, well, my wedding was in 2001 and we did have a DJ...and she was maid of honor.

Me and my main homegirl, Mandy.

Literally, thank you, Jesus, for Mandy.

God, I love that girl. I would just die without her.

Seriously, 6th grade best buds...still best buds. You can't replace that.

You can't replace those memories. Ever.

P.S. You make even more as you grow older.

(This is the bride in the previous posts.)

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