Sunday, September 7, 2008


I am so incredibly happy that fall has finally arrived. Cooler temps, pumpkin-flavored foods, football games, little ghost and goblins hunting for candy...I love it all! It seems strange to think that I will have to have to prepare my own two goblins for Trick or Treating in just under two months. Costumes are something that I hadn't even begun to think about. What will Miles be this year? How about Lola?

Miles has been a flower, a lady bug, a bumble bee, a princess and then Ariel last year. Lola did not dress up the first year but was Snow White last year. We can always try to go the route of recycling the bumble bee costume by getting Lola to be that, but Miles will have to have something new. I really don't want Miles to do the princess thing again this year. It is time for a change. I am convinced. Now I just have to convince her!


ang said...

Do a family dress-up! I almost got Nick to agree completely to being a family of piarates with Mike and I. I hate dressing up, but I hate character costumes even more.

I ended up losing him to Batman though. He insists on being Batman, and well, we have one of those $3 masks from Wal-Mart that he looks adorable in... so how can I say no? It's not his fault. It's all the Batman hype lately.

Curse you, Dark Knight!

Casey said...

I'm excited about the fall too... with a slight regret that such a mild summer is coming to an end.

For the record, you let Miss Miles be whatever she wants to be, as long as you give her some options, but if she wants to be a Princess again, I'm all for it!

Anonymous said... too! Jenson and Kendan are gonna be Buzz and Woody in their wagon "toy story toy box" Got any chaps we can borrow?