Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wedding blitz

Phew. The Caffey/Vogeler wedding isn't even today and it's already been almost chaos. LOL!

The bartender flaked. Thank God for my old neighbor Stacy. She took the job on basically no notice. She's going to be a huge help!

We had pedi's and mani's this morning.

We arranged to get 20 more chairs that were needed at the last minute from Penny's church.

After leaving Tippy Toes, my new favorite nail place, I hunted down four cross pendants for the bride to choose from.

Now it is almost time to head for the rehearsal dinner. No time for a nap but I'll sleep tonight. Maybe.


Casey said...

I cant believe the bartender did that at the last minute. So glad yall found someone to fill in!

Angel said...

How did it go?! I've been coming back for updates regularly! :)