Monday, August 11, 2008

Just a little trim...sorta not really

Last night Lola got her hair trimmed. Her bob was shortened and reshaped. It is precious again.

Today, Miles relented and agreed to a cut, saying "jus' a little bitty trim, okay, Momma?" We've been butting heads all summer about whether or not she should let it grow or cut it and she has been adamant that it stay long. However, she has a thick head of hair just like both Phillip and me, and that makes for an unmanageable mane at times.

Anyway, tonight, she told me to just go ahead and cut it. I positioned her on the closed toilet as Lola took a bath and carefully began to gently tame that mane/chop that mop. We pulled it up in sections and before she knew it, we were done. A few tears were shed in fear that it would hurt, but the child was so anxious to see just how she looked with her new 'do.

She hopped off the toilet, skipped over to the vanity and looked in the mirror. As a grin that only the Cheshire Cat could rival began to spread across her apple-round cheeks, she gasped and quietly said in a most magical way, "Oh, Momma! It looks just like Skylar's! It's beautiful!!!! It's just like Skylar's AND Sydney's!"

And now, I present to you...Miles and Lola after their August 2008 haircuts...

Above, you have Little Phillip holding her puppy blankie with her "widdle nummy" poised to pop into her mouth at any second should danger arise, and then you have Little Dusty, doting on her baby that Santa brought her for her third Christmas when she just over two years old, Blueberry, and covered by her blankie. Below, you have Little Dusty with Blueberry. *Blueberry actually still smells like Blueberries after being puked on and washed numerous times.

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Casey said...

Ha! Thats funny about the doll still smelling like blueberries.

The haircuts are adorable.