Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just trying to help

I am only trying to help people. Don't be embarrassed if you do this.

I see the term "your" used all the time incorrectly. If you're attempting to shorten the words "you are", it is "you're". If you are saying something with a possessive form of "you", it is "your".

So there, general public. I just finally posted it for your benefit because you're using it incorrectly.

Now on to the word "their". "Their" is a possessive term, referring to some people having something. "There" is a location-type term.

"They put their tent up over there by the trees."

Also..."wear". You wear clothes. In contrast to "where," which refers to something like when you wonder where someone is going. In other words, sometimes I can't help but wonder where someone is going to wear that outfit!

Sorry, I can't address 'its" and "it's" because I can't ever keep those straight myself. I think "it's" with an apostrophe is only for possessive. Hey, at least I can admit it. LOL! :)

For those that don't bother reading comments, Mrs. Smith, teacher of 4th graders, aka Stephanie, let me know this:
"It's" is only used when you are saying "IT IS" because it is a contraction. Otherwise, you use "its." Thanks, Stephie!!! But does my error mean that I'm not smarter than a fourth grader???


Stephanie said...

"It's" is only used when you are saying "IT IS" because it is a contraction. Otherwise, you use "its."

Another thing that gets me is "a lot." People spell it like it's one word, "alot" and that drives me INSANE! It's two freaking words people!!!

Jenkensing said...

CORRECT! I love contractions!....only when it doesn't involve a fetus coming into the world. Those one's sort of hurt. :)

P.S. what is your middle names anyways? LOL

Dusty Brown: said...

Oh! Don't you just wish you knew what my middle name was????