Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I really, truly hate scam artists.

I mean, honestly, I am sitting here in my house, wanting a newer, bigger house. I want a bigger car. I could use a maid. I wouldn't mind eating out more often. You know, though, those things all take money, which brings me to my point.

If this company, Superior Subscriptions, hadn't scammed me out of the money for two, two-year subscriptions and then skipped town, maybe I'd be that much closer to one of those 'wants' I listed above. When you call them, you get the message that their voicemail is full. Gee! I wonder why? Also, because you waited the 12 week processing time, you are now past the cancellation/refund time with your payment method. Nice!

Here is the "Con"pany information:
Superior Subscriptions
7641 Deep Dell Ct.
San Diego, California
Phone: 619-315-5264

Keep in mind, they didn't cost me a Coach purse I simply wanted, OR an extra souvenir on a fabulous *imaginary* trip to Belize. No, being a single-income family, they cost me extra groceries, gas for my husband's commute, diapers or so on.

Thanks Superior Subscriptions! I appreciate it immensely. This company literally thought it was ok to steal money that my husband went to work for. It doesn't matter what the dollar amount was. It really doesn't. It wouldn't make a difference to me if it was $5 or $50. I would still feel angry that I was taken advantage of and that someone out there profited off of me as a scam artist. And, yes, they stole from me. If they didn't intend to, they could have very easily refunded my money electronically, just like I paid.

Since they won't return my emails or clean out their voicemail so that I could leave them a real jewel of a customer service commentary, one can only assume they don't care. That is sad!

Any dollar amount stolen from me is still my money that was stolen from me. Period.


Casey said...

I bought magazines one time in college from a door to door salesperson. I actually received my subscription, but I havent bought anything like that since.

I just dont feel comfortable with places like that regardless of the nice stories they tell you about whatever scholarship/competition thing they are involved with. Sad but true.

Angel said...

Wow. I'm so sorry that happened to you. :( I have never bought anything that someone was selling door-to-door, except for some M&Ms from the kid across the street because I never trust those people with their "I'm trying to win a trip to Florida by selling the most, can I come into your house and show you?" line of crap. They scare me.