Friday, May 16, 2008

Disney show goes down the toilet

We don't normally watch Finneas and Ferb, or however they spell it, but today we did. I heard one character threaten to "smother you in pigeon poo" and I am appalled.

Can't the writers think of something more intelligent to say? Not all children talk about bodily functions or use general bathroom humor all the time. For example, we were never allowed to behave like that. No talking about farts, etc. My family is one based in humor, so we would get tickled and laugh if someone accidentally tooted, of course, but there was no intentional bathroom humor and I am so glad I was raised that way.

I am not saying that you can't ever say anything. I am just saying that if you are always cracking jokes about crap and if you grew up with your father walking around farting and burping like Al Bundy, you would never have made it in my house.

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