Monday, May 19, 2008


My dad has knee replacement surgery tomorrow. He's been cleared for surgery by his cardiologist, but just knowing you have to be cleared makes you nervous. I just have a nervous feeling in general. I cried really bad when we drove away from their house yesterday. Just knowing that if I don’t make it back out there today and something happens, that might be my last hug. He will be taken back at 7:30 in the morning for them to monitor his heart before the surgery, so I probably won’t see him since I doubt I will get up there that early. I know, though, that unless it is his day, already written in stone, he will be fine, and if it is his day, it is right and I have to focus on that.

Around 1942, school picture 1952 in the Air Force in Denver

2008 playing with Lola


shea brock said...

you are in my prayers girl...i love me if you need anything

dusty said...

Thank you!