Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here comes Peter Cottontail, Hoppin' down the bunny trail, hippitty hoppitty, Easter's on it's way!

Today is pajama day at MDO. They will be watching a Peter Cottontail movie, having a PJ party and a special dessert. Miles wore her silky scottie dog pj's. She was precious. She also loved it when I sang the Peter Cottontail song for them last night.

Speaking of the little sneakster, she rooked me into buying her two new DVD's at the store last night. She is now the proud owner of both Barbie: Rapunzel and Barbie: The Princess and the Pauper. Good thing I got a new TV for my bedroom for Christmas. Otherwise, they would't be able to steal my TV for their room to lounge in bed, eating snacks, slipping out accidental toots and watching Barbie. Miles always says, " excuse me~ I tooted!!" Lola, well, not so much but she's trying.

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Casey said...

How funny... it's amazing how kids know how to be so sneaky to get something they want.