Tuesday, March 18, 2008


We went to an Easter egg hunt on Sunday at our friend Shea's house. It was super fun and the kids had a total ball playing in the leaves after scarfing down some candy. Shea had a delicious cake, as she always does.

Then, today, the Easter Bunny came to Milesy's MDO program. They had an egg hunt followed by a surprise appearance by the big bunny! I asked Miles about it later...

Miles: Momma, da Easta Bunny came to my class today!!!!

Me: Wow, Milesy! That is awesome! I have never to seen the Easter bunny in person!! What did he look like.

Miles: Ahhhhm. He was wearing a bunny suit. And her face was painted like a bunny and she had on bunny shoes! (She switched genders for the Easter Bunny after she thought about ti for a second.)

Me: {Laughter}

Later she told Aunt Dinky that the Easter bunny "was wearin' a bunny costume!!"

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