Sunday, February 3, 2008


I hadn't even realized that it had been two weeks since I blogged.

We've been watching the Super Bowl and were so happy to see the Giants win. I wasn't really caring too much about who won until towards the end and then I really wanted to see the Giants come back and win.

Meanwhile, Mardi Gras is hooking it up in the big NoLa. Our friend Jules who just moved there has already been out and about celebrating and says it is awesome.

Lola has developed so much more maturity in the past two weeks. She can communicate so much more clearly and just really touches my heart with her ability to warp into this big girl from a baby.

Miles has had a little bit of a back slide lately, having meltdowns much more frequently again like a smaller child. I think it is just an adjustment to Phil's new later hours and her sissy growing up..

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