Sunday, December 16, 2007

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Tonight's Christmas play was amazing. Miles came through like a champ. Daddy gave her a fresh floral bouquet after it was over to congratulate the little thespian. We were a little concerned, as she announced following Wednesday night's practice that she did not want to participate. Since then, she has flip-flopped twice regarding her participation. Each time that we reminded her that she would be wearing a special dress made by Mawmaw and a halo and wings, she regained her confidence.

Yesterday, she saw the outfit Mawmaw made. She stood amazing at the site of the white satin skirt trimmed in gold lace and white long sleeve shirt. Once she'd seen the skirt and top, she was back on track. Then we had a momentary refusal to participate late last night. However, tonight when she put those wings and that halo on, she was ready to perform. It was truly like a television show or a book.
She proudly marched to the front with the rest of her group, knocked on the manger's gate and prayed for baby Jesus.

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Casey said...

Who wouldnt want to participate wearing an outfit like that? I wish I could wear those during my training sessions! lol