Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Walmart panty debacle

What exactly is a Walmart panty debacle, you might ask? Well let me explain...

Poor, *evil Walmart has done it again. They put an offensive product on the the junior's panty department. The offending items have a slogan printed across the crotch, "Who needs credit cards," and, "When you've got Santa," across the butt. While I agree that my first reaction to the front slogan was questioning whether they meant who needs credit cards when you can pay with your privates, I don't think that Walmart intended to insinuate that at all. The message on the back surely means that these were intended to be whimsical...which brings me to my next point.

The solution to this whole ordeal would be to no longer print any messages on our skivvies, much less our adolescents' drawers, don't you think? I mean, I always think it is cheesy or tacky, even when it isn't at risk of having the sentence misinterpreted. Aren't you at risk of giving the wrong impression anytime you decide to wear a sentence on your crotch? AHA! That's my point!

*Walmart is not evil. This is sarcasm at it's best. Walmart helps me afford to stay-at-home with my kids. In an ideal world, of course I'd love to do my paper towel shopping at Neiman Marcus. However, this ain't Dallas, and this ain't Dynasty. This is just a man and woman holding this thing together. Oh, and Walmart. A man and a woman and Walmart holding this thing (the budget) together.

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