Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa's been very good to the Brown household

I try really hard not to go overboard. I really do. I shop early, to avoid the pitfalls of over-spending. However, Santa did well for our kids' stuff this year.

Santa brought the kids:
Joint gift: kitchen play set where they can cook, wash dishes, bake and store things in the fridge. Oh, and a phone. It has a pretend cordless.
Miles: Skateboard, real guitar, Fancy-schmancy Doodle Pro, two sets of Cabbage Patch doll clothes, huge koosh-style ball
Lola: Doll carriage, doll playpen, doll highchair, Fisher Price toddler Doodle Pro, monkey hat, huge koosh-style ball, Little People bus, tutu, leather ballet slippers

Both stockings can not hold another ounce of toy-goodness. Each got Silly putty, two coloring books, special crayons, mini M&M's, little stuffed animal, big snowman straws from Dollar Tree, etc. Lola got a toy truck, Miles got some dominoes and more.

Help me, please! I had to take a huge box of good toys to Goodwill today to justify it.

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Casey said...

Awesome gifts... that's so good that you got rid of some older toys you know they wont even touch anymore though. Excellent idea!