Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Eve...

This year, we want to celebrate Christmas Eve while remembering our super special family vacation to Disney World. I ordered each of the girls a fleece Minnie Mouse gown with their name embroidered above an embroidered Minnie, Lola gets a Mickey plush and Miles gets a Minnie, and I also ordered Disney's Holiday Classics on DVD, featuring Mickey's Christmas Carol plus a few more titles. Our plan is to let them open the gowns and plush dolls on Christmas Eve and then watch Mickey's Christmas Carol.

Well, plans have to be altered sometimes. Today the UPS package came while Miles was at Mother's Day Out. I opened it and let Lola see her "Mouse" doll. She calls Mickey Mouse just plain old "Mouse". She absolutely adored him. She walked around singing sweet, unintelligible nothings to "Mouse" while hugging his neck tightly. "Mouse" might say it was choking him, but she meant nothing but love for that doll.

When my parents left after a little visit, I put "Mouse" back into the package and into the closet while her attention was on the grandparents' departure. Well, just a few minutes later, she began to look for "Mouse" and through her gibberish, I realized that she was mumbling on and on about Pop Pop (my dad) taking her "Mouse". She mentioned it numerous other times today! She thinks my daddy stole her "Mouse"!!!

I am not sure if I can make that baby wait until Christmas Eve believing Pop Pop stole her "Mouse".

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