Friday, November 2, 2007

One more note on Halloween

I almost forgot...

On Halloween night, Miles was Cinderella and Lola was half a ladybug...she wouldn't wear the actual ladybug part, just the red shirt and black pants. She WAS Snow White, but right before they left my parents to go trick or treating, Lola decided to splash herself real good in the bird fountain and got soaked, so my mom had to go back in and put the other costume on her. Miles was not Aerial because she got a little tear on her sleeve seam at Mother's Day Out and I didn't get a chance to repair it. She was happy being Cinderella.

On Halloween morning, though, she was Aerial and Lola was Snow White as we trick or treated at the retirement home. It went really well. It was sad, because there were a lot of completely incapacitated people there, but Miles never once asked me what was wrong with anyone or anything. The kids loved it. Lola was a total mess and I could hardly keep up with her. She kept going back to the same old people and getting more candy. They loved her dimples.

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