Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lola and her 'seeps'

Lola has gotten the short end of the stick. Bless her heart. (By the way, I guess I should say that she drew the short straw, due to this entry's subject matter.)

I have a baby book for Miles that is jam-packed with information about her first two years of life. Every little word, when she spent the night here or there, vacation info, etc. Poor Lo-Lo came into the picture shortly before we moved, and as of now, one year later, I have yet to find her baby book. No one seems to have a clue where it was packed. Disappeared. As in *poof* gone. Unfortunately, I have not done a good job of writing down info elsewhere. Which means that I don't have those special little blips of info noted anywhere.

Back to the point, Lola loves drinking out of other people's beverages. With a straw. While exclaiming, "seeps!!" in a high pitched voice. It delights her to no end. "SEEPS!!" like she is chugging the most delectable drink in the world. Then again, maybe she is. After all, she is usually sipping on some Coca-Cola.

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Casey said...

Ahh... I feel Lola's pain... my brother's baby book is still around... but 30 years later, mine still remains M.I.A.