Thursday, August 23, 2007

"What Blue Gonna Be Today?"

We have a dvd called "Blues's Job". It is about what you can be when you grow up. Miles loves it, and we often have to watch it all day long. However, she doesn't ask to watch "Blue's Job". Instead, she comes up to you with her finger inquizatively positioned on her head and says she wants to watch, "What Blue Gonna Be Today?"

Anyway, she has long since professed that she wants to be a doctor. Then occassionally, since seeing this Blue's Clues episode, she says she'll be a doctor AND a teacher. Sometimes, after we have serenaded Lola, she will announce that she will be a showgirl. (Get it? Her name is Lola, she is showgirl...)

So today, here is the dialogue:

Miles: Daddy, when i grow I up I will be big like you.
Phil: Well, yeah, but I am a man. Little boys grow up to be men. Your a little girl.
Miles: Hmmmmmmmm.
Phil: What do little girls up to be?
Miles, with zero hesitation: Little girls grow up to be doctors.

LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!

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