Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Personal trainer

OK, so let me just say that I never even thought about the fact that weight training would affect my posture. However, every time I go workout, I have the most wonderful posture afterwards. I walk in a manner that is so much more proper. It is really awesome.

My time with my trainer is done. I met with him for about 6 weeks but I am not going to continue. It is just not realistic for someone on a single-income budget to pay the hourly fees they charge. Phillip and I each did 5 or 6 meetings with him and we can't afford to keep paying $40 a meeting for now. However, we both left with a definate plan and a file at the Y that we can access ourselves every time that we go in. So today I went in and got my little file and worked out. It was awesome to feel like I knew what I was doing. And I actually do things that I NEVER thought I could do. I mean, the first time he had me on a machine that holds my feet in place while I lunge over upside down and then bring myself all the way back up again, I laughed and asked him if he was joking...but I can do it. In fact, I do three sets of ten. I love it. I am looking a little better, by the way, even though there hasn't really been a change in poundage. I am slimming up some, I guess, but gaining muscle mass. Rock on.

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Casey said...

That's awesome that you got a plan worked out before you finished up with the trainer.

I know exactly what machine you are talking about... and the first few times I did it I thought I was going to die! I also felt that way a couple of days later when I was still sore.