Monday, August 13, 2007


So a friend of a friend suffered a terrible tragedy yesterday. I do not know the parents personally, though I am involved in Artsy Mama's with the mom and some of my friends know them well. Anyway, their little three year old boy drowned. I don't know any details about how or why, but my friends said the mom is doing better than expected and seems really strong. I don't know how. It is just the most horrible thing ever. UGH.

It just seems surreal to have to acknowledge that you won't be hugging that baby again. It would be easy to just give up living yourself. How sad.

I can't even remotely imagine never smooching Lola's puffy little fat cheek or kissing Milesy's perfectly puckered little lips again.

This has ruined my birthday. (I don't in any way whatsoever mean that in a selfish way like my birthday is important with this going on in my circle of artsy friends!)

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