Tuesday, July 10, 2007


What the heck is wrong with people these days? Why in the world are so many people killing their family members and why are so many people disappearing into thin air?

Is it an increase or do we just hear about it more?

There has been story after story of family murder suicides the past couple of months...most including the children of the murderer.

This si something that mystifies me and I can get caught up in looking up info online for hours. Particularly, I am captivated by the fact that people vanish. I just think it is the weirdest thing in the world that someone can just be removed from their surroundings to such an extent that no one can find them. On a familair, good, note, there don't seem to be nearly as many child abductions. It seems like there are only a few every now and then and those result in death. However, you never really hear anymore about childrem being abducted by some psycho wanting to raise said child.

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Casey said...

Interesting question...I'm not sure if there is an increase/decrease of either... but... I will mention that it seems that most of the time there is a "national news story" about a missing child...it's about a cute, white kid...there are plenty of missing children/abductions, but it seems the media picks and chooses.

I dont remember much of a national uproar over Tabitha Tudors... but maybe that's b/c she didnt come from a background of privilege.

Anyway, not to come down too hard on either side ... but you definitely raise a good question that doesnt have an easy answer.