Friday, July 20, 2007

Front Porch

Today Anjeanetta and I had lunch at this place in Murfreesboro called The Front Porch. It has been around since I was in high school and we thought it was a great choice. WRONG.

I knew that the restaurant had changed hands a couple of times; I did not know that the menu had changed so ridiculously. While Front Porch is known for the southern, old timey dishes and side items that made it a hugely popular lunch spot, these were absent from the menu.

Sadly, the newest owners somehow decided the wise decision would be to take the menu down to the following: chicken salad on wheat, pimento on wheat, Monte Cristo, BLT, one soup choice, about five salads to choose from and a list of sides that included such things as potato chips.

Keep in mind, this is a place that had me excited about either a chicken salad croissant or some homemade country vegtable sides.

Who ruins a popular restaurant by changing genres? The Front Porch is not known for being a tea room but instead has always been more like Sunday lunch at Grandma's house. Not anymore.

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