Thursday, June 28, 2007

Oh! Yay! Happy Day!

So this morning as I pulled into Food Lion, I checked my teeth in the car mirror. I noticed a small circular bump, actually more like a blister, directly below one of my center bottom teeth. Hmmmmm. I have seen this kind of thing before, and it was not a good feeling. You see, when I ended up needing a root canal after a crown a few years ago, it looked just like this but larger.

I called the dentist and was given a 4PM appointment. THe dental assistant almost immediately told me it was a canker sore; I did not agree. I explained that the appearance had been drastically different before I brushed my teeth at lunch. Since then, it had deflated, i.e., popped. UGH.

THey took X-Rays. Guess what the good news is??

Three of my four center bottom teeth have absessed areas below them! NICE!

It seems that the root tips of my teeth were shorter than normal, leaving an open empty area that most people do not have. She said that most likely, orthodontic treatment pulled my teeth upwards quicker than they grew, thus the teeth never caught up to filling in the gaps below each of the three roots. NICE! Then, over time, bacteria builds up until you end up with an absess. NICE. It has nothing to do with dental hygeine. I swear.

I have to have a TRIPLE ROOT CANAL in the next week or two. NICE.

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Casey said...

If that aint good news, I dont know what is.